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What is in your Subconscious Mind?

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Today we discuss a profound side of introspection: the subconscious mind. Previously, we explored how overcoming our limiting beliefs may support our progress. This week we will explore acceptance as a means to dismantle the mechanisms that may be preventing us from successfully implementing changes in our life. By looking beyond the surface, we may come to identify and release the blockages held in our subconscious. This way we may approach life in greater alignment with our higher self, with less stress. 

Is your subconscious mind stressing you out?

Quite often, physical manifestations can emerge from deeper unresolved stresses, this can look like a skin condition or successive sleepless nights. Too often we treat the symptoms without further investigating the root cause of the issue. In fact, when we pay closer attention, we may understand that beyond the physical symptoms, our mind and body are calling our attention to address the root imbalance. 

Did you know that our minds function on 90% subconscious beliefs, leaving only 10% to conscious thought? Tracking down stressors is a good way to identify the hidden mechanisms of our mind, and perhaps parts we have yet to accept. Sometimes, stress will hit so close to home, within the subconscious mind, we do not realise it’s there. In kinesiology, we look beyond symptoms to get to the root of the issue. Ignoring recurring stresses may result in a constant call for our attention through physical or mental unease, like irritability, lack of concentration, mind fogginess to upset digestion and sleep patterns. What we project comes back to us, much like the trajectory of a boomerang. By committing to identifying and dealing with the things that scare us, we may come to a greater acceptance of ourselves and break negative patterns. This way, we may reduce the intensity of this phenomenon and come back to homeostasis.  

How do we identify and address these deep-rooted ideas that may be holding us back? By raising our level of awareness, we may catch the manifestations of stress much earlier and work on re-establishing balance. The first step is to introduce a daily mindfulness practice. Such a habit takes us on a journey inwards, distancing ourselves from our rational thoughts to connect to our subconscious mind. Some things to explore: what are the deeper layers of your mind telling you about your current state? What are you holding onto? What stresses and negative thoughts can you release today?  

Embracing discomfort

Diving deeper into our subconscious mind may lead us to identify one or several aspects we dislike about ourselves. The good news is that we can choose the way we react to our internal negative perceptions. It may be easier to turn away or try to suppress the discomfort. But by facing what dissatisfies us, we come to better understand the reasons behind our internal dialogue. 

At Aura & Meta, we explore the things we least like about ourselves as catalysts towards greater growth. How? By accepting to look deep within, into the subconscious mind, particularly addressing fears. This helps us take full responsibility for our human experience, especially its negative aspects.  By taking ownership of our path and turning our weaknesses into strengths, we may attain our goals with greater ease.

Accepting fear to support our growth

Through accessing the subconscious mind, we may gain a better understanding of the values and needs that are driving our choices. Once we become aware of what our belief system is composed of, we gain the power to change it. Altering the internal mechanisms that influence our reading of the external world, we may redirect our experience and clear the way for a future more aligned with our purpose.

When we unlock deeper stresses that may be lodged in our subconscious mind, we support clearer and sharper brain activity. Once we acknowledge that our fears may be leading us astray, we may begin to dismantle these mechanisms by asking ourselves a rather simple question: “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Uncovering these parts of ourselves far removed from the surface may be difficult on your own. Kinesiology as a stress relieving technique may help you dive deeper into the fears and negative emotions that may be holding you back. Drawing from Eastern philosophy and Western physiological approaches, Neuroenergetic Kinesiology by-passes the rational mind enabling us to get in touch with our higher self. Answering this question then becomes easier: “what do you need now to transition towards reaching your goal?”

Looking at our values and needs requires a great deal of acceptance. When we let ourselves be guided by fear, settling in our comfort zone, we end up walking in circles. So long as we lie to ourselves and find the best excuses to not take action towards a new direction that we fear, we fail to face our needs. By looking deep within and accepting what we find, we may pave the path of a life lived fully with enthusiasm and the excitement of being deeply connected to our higher self.  

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