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“Remove your blockages, release deep-rooted stress, unleash your fertility and gain serenity. ”
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The path to fertility is a deeply personal one that can be as joyous as stress inducing. In this context, preparing the body to conceive may go beyond a solely physiological approach.

  • Do you struggle with unexplained fertility?
  • Are you facing complex infertility issues (PCOS, endometriosis, miscarriage, etc)?
  • Are you considering or going through IVF treatment and need support during this challenging time for the body, mind and spirit?
Data shows that in the UK, 1 out of 7 couples may struggle to conceive and a quarter of those cases are categorised as unexplained infertility. In this context, what if we were to reconsider the relationship between our ability to conceive and stress? In fact, many women plan their fertility path as carefully as their career development, and multitasking professional and personal goals may take its toll on fertility.


In this free e-book I share useful key concepts and tools I apply in my kinesiology and executive coaching practice at Aura & Meta. Designed to paint a clearer picture of neuroenergetic kinesiology’s relationship to fertility, it begins with an introduction to key concepts within the Body, Mind and Spirit before putting these principles in a real-life context through three case studies, and finally a checklist to get you started on removing stresses from your fertility path.

Throughout my work as a neuroenergetic kinesiologist and executive coach, I have helped women restore balance to their lives, overcome professional challenges and establish successful career goals. The main undertaking being to free themselves from deep-rooted stressors. As fertility quickly became a recurring issue for these women, I was able to witness the powerful way in which kinesiology builds a bridge between anatomy, physiology, neurosciences and spirituality

Drawing from both Western physiological theory and complementary medicine like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, neuroenergetic kinesiology focuses on releasing stress and restoring balance in all three areas of the human experience: Body, Mind and Spirit.

Sandra Cohen, Founder of Aura & Meta Kinesiology & Executive Coaching practice

sandra cohen

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