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In today’s fast-paced work environment, prioritizing employee well-being isn’t just a trend—it’s a necessity. Research reveals that absenteeism and presenteeism due to health-related issues cost UK businesses billions annually. Studies suggest that an estimated 12.5 days per employee are lost to absenteeism each year, with the economic impact soaring to £100 billion.

Presenteeism, where employees work while unwell, contributes to decreased productivity and engagement, further impacting bottom lines. However, amidst these challenges, a growing trend emerges—a workplace revolution focused on nurturing employee wellness. Forward-thinking businesses are recognizing the imperative to support their team’s health, witnessing boosted productivity, reduced turnover, and enhanced morale as a result.

Join the movement towards a healthier, more vibrant workplace culture.

Our Wellness Offerings for Your Workplace: why choose Aura & Meta?

At Aura & Meta, we’re committed to fostering a healthier, happier workforce. With a background in executive coaching and deep understanding of the challenges in the corporate world, we offer a range of tailored wellness programs to suit your company’s needs, ensuring a holistic approach to employee well-being. Proactively address absenteeism and presenteeism by identifying early indicators of stress, burn-out, mental health issues and chronic illnesses.

Here’s a glimpse of what we provide:

1. Online and In-Person Wellness Talks: We offer flexible options to suit your team’s preferences. Engage with our online wellness talks or host in-person events—whatever best fits your company’s culture and dynamics.

2. Event Flexibility: From half-day to full-day sessions, lunchtime talks to after-work sessions—we customize our offerings to align with your schedule and employees’ availability.

3. On-Site Wellness Events: Imagine a full day or two dedicated to nurturing wellness! Our on-site events feature a blend of engaging workshops and talks, lunchtime learning sessions, and drop-in clinics, creating an immersive experience for your team.

4. Sessions and Formats: Our sessions are tailored to suit your needs. They can range from a concise 45-minute presentation followed by a Q&A session to immersive hour-long workshops complemented by afternoon one-on-one drop-in clinics.

5. Wellness topics: Our popular topics cover various aspects of wellness, including stress management, nutrition guidance, mental health awareness, work-life balance, and more. We’re adaptable and can design sessions that resonate with your team’s interests.

6. Minimum Participants: We’re flexible! Whether it’s a small group or a larger team, our onsite workshops cater to varying participant numbers, ensuring an inclusive and impactful experience for all.

7. Collaborative Sessions: In addition to our core offerings, we collaborate with experts in yoga, mindfulness, personal training, and other wellness domains to enrich your corporate sessions, providing a well-rounded experience for your employees.

Our aim is to empower your team with tools and knowledge for a healthier, more balanced work-life. Get in touch to explore how we can customize our wellness programs to elevate your workplace well-being!

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