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WHAT is functional medicine ?


In recent years, Functional medicine has gained momentum as a transformative approach to healthcare. This paradigm shift arose from the realization that conventional medicine often focuses on treating symptoms of chronic diseases – such as controlling blood sugar, blood pressure, or managing pain with medication – without addressing their root causes. It’s akin to wallpapering over a damp spot without investigating the underlying issue causing the dampness.

Delving into the Root Causes of Illness

Functional medicine asks a fundamental question: “Why are you ill?” It aims to uncover the root causes of your illness or symptoms, which often are multiple and interconnected. By identifying these underlying factors, whether it’s a ‘leaking pipe’ or a ‘hole in the roof’ in our analogy, we can address them effectively, eliminating the problem at its source.

A Thorough and Personalized Approach

As a Nutritional Therapist applying Functional medicine principles, I dedicate time to listening to your story, gathering your medical history, and potentially running functional tests and genetic tests. This comprehensive approach helps me identify the root causes of your health issues, which could include triggers like inadequate nutrition, stress, toxins, allergens, genetics, and your microbiota (the bacteria living in and on your body).

Designing a Tailored Health Plan

Upon identifying these triggers, I create a personalized health plan for you. This plan encompasses various aspects of your life, from physical needs like nutrition, exercise, and sleep, to mental, emotional, and environmental stressors. At the core of Functional medicine is the principle of using food as a primary therapy, supported by the latest scientific research. By combining the right nutrition with lifestyle and behavioural interventions, you are empowered to take control of your health.

Addressing a Spectrum of Health Concerns

Functional medicine is particularly effective in managing a range of health issues, including Metabolic Health conditions (like diabetes and Cholesterol concerns), hormonal imbalances (including Peri-Menopause, Menopause, PMS, PCOS, and thyroid dysfunction), Immune dysfunctions (such as Crohn’s disease, Hashimoto’s disease, long COVID-19 and lupus), mood-related disorders (like Anxiety and depression), and Gut Health problems (including IBS, Bloating, constipation, and diarrhoea). This approach enables a holistic improvement in health, addressing both the symptoms and their underlying causes.

Could I Sign Up for a Single Session Instead of a Programme?

At Aura & Meta, we understand that health issues like digestive problems, fatigue, Anxiety, sleeplessness, hormonal imbalances, and other concerns often develop over time. These issues, including conditions like Metabolic Health challenges, hormonal disorders (such as PCOS or thyroid dysfunction), and mood-related disorders, typically do not arise overnight. Consequently, they require a comprehensive and sustained approach for effective resolution.

Given the complexity and persistence of these health challenges, offering individual sessions would not provide the depth and continuity necessary for meaningful and lasting change. Nutritional and lifestyle interventions, while sometimes yielding rapid improvements, generally take longer to fully realize all of a client’s goals. It’s not uncommon for clients to experience the unexpected resolution of minor, yet bothersome, symptoms along their journey—a motivating bonus of the holistic approach.

For most individuals, optimizing their diet and altering lifelong habits is a gradual process. Attempting to implement all changes at once can be overwhelming. Therefore, we break down the journey into manageable stages, requiring a commitment of several weeks to work together. This structured approach ensures that we can effectively address the root causes of your health concerns and guide you towards sustainable well-being.

What to expect during a session/programme?

Beginning with Comprehensive Information Gathering

The journey with Functional medicine starts with thorough information gathering. Understanding the full scope of your health issues is crucial to providing effective treatment. This initial step is about seeing the complete picture of your health.

Initial Steps: Health Questionnaire and Consultation

Upon deciding to work with me, you will receive a detailed health questionnaire. This questionnaire will cover various aspects such as your personal and family health history, any medications or supplements you’re taking, allergies, intolerances, and your dietary and lifestyle habits. It’s important to include information about any hormonal imbalances, Metabolic Health issues, Immune dysfunctions, or Gut Health concerns you might have.

The Initial Consultation: Establishing a Connection and Plan

The initial consultation is more than just a formal meeting; it’s an opportunity for us to build a rapport. I’ll ask additional questions to delve deeper into your health status. Based on our discussion, I will outline a personalized plan and we will agree on the first steps to take. You’ll leave this session with tailored nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, to kickstart your journey. I may also recommend some blood test, nutrigenomic or functional testing.

functional medicine

Follow-Up Consultations: Monitoring Progress and Making Adjustments

Our journey doesn’t end with the initial consultation. We will have follow-up meetings every few weeks to discuss your progress, monitor improvements, and make necessary adjustments to the plan based on your progress and any test results. This could involve addressing emerging issues related to your Metabolic Health, hormonal balance, immune system, or Gut Health, and ensuring that every step we take is in alignment with your overall health goals.

Further Information and Ongoing Support

Have more questions or need additional information about Functional medicine and how it can address your specific health concerns? I am here to provide the answers and support you need.

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