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Client Example ‘A’ – Thinking about the future

thinking about the future

Client ‘A’ came to see me experiencing ups and downs. They expressed a feeling of low self-confidence in their future.

There was a strong need to reassess the basic needs around security, while being able to have a vision and feeling of purpose in their professional and personal future decisions.

Continuous stress, as we know can impede the releases of certain hormones, and consequently left Client ‘A’ in a constant fight/flight mode.

The first step was to work on relaxing this fight or flight system in order to be in a more calm state. Whilst working with Client ‘A’ we also found a stress around the digestive system using Kinesiology.

This led us to believe that the gut/brain axis was stressed, leaving communication between the central nervous system and the enteric system disrupted.

We now knew we had to get their system back to Homoeostasis. We acknowledged the stress around the digestive system and also worked on an emotional level. Client ‘A’ became more aware of the meaning of those emerging, conflicting emotions that they were feeling.

The kinesiology sessions helped Client ‘A’ in raising their consciousness of what truly makes them happy, acknowledging who they are, what they need to work on and therefore creating a clearer idea of their future.

After 3 months Client ‘A’ could see that they were experiencing less down phases and were on a clearer professional path. The client took decisions in order to implement changes that made them feel happier in life.

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