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Client Example ‘B’ – Anxiety & Sleepless Nights

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Client ‘B’ came to see me experiencing a mixture of stress and anxiety, which was having a huge affect on their sleep, or lack there of.

For several years they couldn’t sleep properly, struggling to get more than a couple hours sleep per night. They had resorted to using sleeping tablets just to get a few more hours sleep per night.

After assessing their physical, psychological and emotional balance, we worked on turning down their fight or flight system in order to lower the levels of anxiety. Their environment and what people think was also disrupting this natural needed balance, so we worked on re-centring them.

After one session Client ‘B’ was able to reduce their panic before bedtime. Changing bedtime rituals supported the client in order to feel more relaxed when it came to falling asleep.

After three sessions alongside better sleep we were able to focus more on the underlying causes of the anxiety and stress as a whole which was mostly focused on thinking about the future, the client expressed they were feeling much better and had completely stopped sleeping tablets altogether.

If you are suffering from lack of sleep or diagnosed insomnia there may be an underlying cause that you have not yet found. Through Kinesiology we can look into finding the underlying cause rather than treating the symptom.

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