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The Law of Attraction for Abundance: What I Want I shall Receive!

The Law of Attraction for Abundance explained by Aura & Meta

By now everyone has heard about the Law of Attraction and the international bestseller infamous read that brought it to light: Ronda Byrne’s The Secret. When we harness the Law of Attraction for abundance, we are committing to fulfilling our desires in all areas of our life. By daring to strive towards what we deeply want, we are sending out a message and opening ourselves up to what the universe may bring to us, blessings and lessons. If the old saying “opportunity knocks but once” may be true for some, by practising the law of attraction we may unlock the flow of abundance. Let’s unpack this concept and remind ourselves about what practising the law of attraction for abundance boils down to Audacity!

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” Maya Angelou

Opening up to the Law of Attraction for Abundance

The first thing to understand if we wish to truthfully practice LOA is energy: our world, internal and external, revolves around energy. What we send out into the universe is reverberated back to us in more ways than we may realise. This is the case for negative and positive emotions, the more we focus on what we want, the faster and more intense the energy around it, and us. In this context, abundance becomes the product of the energy we are expressing and drawing in. When we block this energy or negate it, we prevent abundance from finding us. In essence, remaining open to abundance is keeping our minds, hearts and souls open to messages, situations, encounters that may come our way, even when it is not exactly what we had wished for. 

How Kinesiology Supports Abundance

To send more of what we want into the world, we must first paint a clear picture of what we desire for ourselves. This may be difficult for many as we function in a world governed by rationality. Through kinesiology we may access our subconscious mind and uncover deep-rooted beliefs, traumas and blockages. Once we release our underlying stresses and hidden fear, we may come to envision what we truly desire or secretly dream of. Once we have rediscovered what genuinely makes our heart beat faster, we may develop a daily practice to remind ourselves of it. We can also work on recognising anything that supports a positive outlook and alignment with our True Self. Here’s a quick tip: Write motivational notes for yourself and scatter them around your home. Find a motto that resonates with you and slip a copy in your wallet, or even better, save it as a screensaver. 

We can choose to focus on the law of attraction for abundance through difficult times. This may sound completely contradictory but sometimes in order to get what we truly want, we need to internalise certain life lessons. Undeniably, change and growth may sometimes be painful. But when we have the right mindset to herald in abundance we see all things as necessary steps on the not so straight path towards our goals. As much as it is about changing our circumstances, the Law of Attraction for Abundance is also about letting go. In challenging times, we may choose to relinquish control and trust that what is meant for us will happen in due course. So if what you deeply wish for doesn’t happen straight away – do not despair! 

Financial Abundance

When speaking of financial abundance, we are really equating money to energy, an exchange if you will. Looking at our conditioning around money greatly puts into perspective the practice of the law of attraction for abundance. Prioritising savings and holding a mindset of always having enough aside for rainy days maintains an air of comfort that may be preventing us from making the right investments. When we release our fears about not having enough, we stop harbouring negative energy, we stop communicating to the universe that we do not have money, nor welcome it if it were to come our way. To begin manifesting financial abundance, we may start today with some practical steps: spending money that makes us happy. This is not a call to go out on a decadent shopping spree, but encouragement to fuel your deepest desires with money, thus changing the energy around your finances. You may begin with a small expense that contributes to one of your lifelong goals. Go ahead and sign up for that evening course you have had your eye on to help you start your own business. Purchase that tool that makes life easier for you, like an app to learn how to manage your time so you have more of it to spend with your family. The practice behind heralding financial abundance may be applied to all aspects of life. Just keep in mind that what you pay attention to grows.

Seeking Abundance through Kinesiology and Executive Coaching

As mentioned above, tapping into the subconscious and unresolved trauma, kinesiology may help clear out space to receive greater abundance. Sandra’s method of neuroenergetic kinesiology and executive coaching supports efforts to overcome the fears and stress that arise in our daily lives. Whether it is a personal issue like recurring allergies or resistance to making the necessary changes to upgrade your career, kinesiology helps dive deep within to find the blockages. In kinesiology sessions, we focus on the root causes rather than the symptoms of stress. This way we may get to the base of our alignment, reconnect with our True Self. Combined with kinesiology, executive coaching comes in to give key actionable tools to pave the way towards long term goals. Beyond the surface level discourse on the topic (an all-expenses paid holiday, a satisfying romantic relationship or a higher paycheck), harnessing the law of attraction for abundance is a long term game. Once we clarify our term vision of the life we want for ourselves, it is up to us to dare to take daily steps towards it and most of all, remaining open. 

Putting yourself out there and going after what you want is sending out a message to the universe, loud and clear. “Dare to chase after your dreams” might sound like a broken record song but nurturing deep intention to get to where you want to be speaks the language of attraction for abundance. 

Are you struggling to make the law of attraction work for you? Have you been doing the inner work but feeling stuck on what’s next for your personal life or career? Seek out support through kinesiology and executive coaching. Enrol onto my Reset, Realign, Restart: STOP existing. START LIVING programme or book a free chemistry call today and open yourself up to abundance. 

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