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Are negative beliefs and patterns holding you back?

Negative Mind and Body Management | Coaching | Aura & Meta

In both our personal life and our work life, we can over time develop habits of repeated negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that can actually be unintended catalysts for undesirable outcomes and behaviours. By setting out new frameworks and habits of thought we can push forward in a hugely positive way.

The first step to challenging our beliefs and patterns in order to move forward is to become conscious of negative thoughts, patterns of behaviour and beliefs that may be present in our lives. These can arise from many sources, past or present, and may or may not be an accurate reflection of the truth, but could, for example be connected to our past education, the environment we live and work in, or even tied to our own perfectionism.

Instead of ignoring, suppressing or acting on these habits of thought, we should move forward with a mindful curiosity, and as we become conscious begin to acknowledge and recognise where some of these negative behaviours lead to further outcomes that aren’t optimal.

We then should enter a mode of perpetual reflection, and seek to identify where we can modify and change these beliefs, patterns and behaviours that arise. Changing our perception and believing in the fact that it is possible will equate to more self confidence in order to achieve our goal/s. Our brains are not as hard-wired as we may think and we have the option to change our reality by changing our perception of the world we live in. We can change negative beliefs and habits into positive alternatives.

We can start changing the way we speak to ourselves.

If, for example, we are high achievers and always think we didn’t get enough done this week, let’s try to reframe and think;

“I take pride in the work I do “.

If we are not confident enough in what we are doing, we can reframe and think;

“I allow myself to be the best I can possibly be”.

We are working here to effect an ongoing positive change, and this requires persistence and determination to consistently move forward with the right steps and frame of mind to achieve our desired state.

Identifying the way your mind is working is important in the process of change, but so is identifying any stresses in the body that could be contributing to this.

Do you have any particular sensations in your body when you think about those beliefs, habits and emotions? Think about this and try to locate where you feel them.

Through kinesiology, I am able to support clients in identifying their stresses in their body. Often it is not enough to address your stresses mentally but to dig deeper to discover the sources.

Targeting the source will lead to not only faster recovery but train the body’s memory to better respond to similar stresses in the future.

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