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In our modern world, stress has unfortunately become a recurring presence in our lives. So much so that we often let it get in the driver seat of our day without even noticing it, impacting our decisions and behaviours. Neuroenergetic kinesiology seeks to identify and tune down stress from a non-invasive holistic perspective. What might appear as seemingly unresolvable physical manifestations at first will be traced down to deep-rooted stressors lodged in our subconscious mind.

Kinesiology as a holistic tool for relief of stress symptoms 

Kinesiologists do not treat; they merely support clients in taking steps towards achieving greater alignment with our goals and thus building a more fulfilling life. As a holistic stress management tool, kinesiology may provide the tools to alleviate or prevent stress responses, thus helping us establish a more balanced life in support of greater alignment with your goals. Its holistic perspective harnesses complementary modalities that span Western physiology and Eastern philosophies. Neuroenergetic kinesiology offers a toolbox to help unearth and heal the deeper parts of our human experience

Defining stress symptoms from a holistic point of view

Something has to be said about the normalisation of stress in our everyday lives. They have indeed become stressful, but what if we chose to tune down our stress responses and free ourselves from the issues, we carry deep in our subconscious and break the cycle of prolonged stress and state of alertness? First, let’s explore the way stress impacts our human experience.

Did you know that our mind, spirit and body function at their optimal level when in a balanced state called homeostasis? Stress, whether it is positive or negative, results in various degrees of imbalances. In response to one or many stressors, our bodies produce hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline and may deregulate functions like digestion or sleep. Our bodies’ responses to stress may be the same, but it is our own unique experiences and underlying issues in our subconscious that dictate how we read a situation. In this way, our analysis and deduction of a situation as stressful or “dangerous” may be heavily affected by past trauma and deep-rooted fears we may have suppressed and left unaddressed for a long time.

Diffusing stress by accessing the subconscious mind

So how do we address suppressed issues from a holistic standpoint? Kinesiologists use a practice called muscle testing, which can be carried out in person or via an online session. The practitioner first scans the body to identify and locate the stress, before giving each stressor a priority. The practitioner can then choose to address the stresses in different forms, whether it is through addressing deep-rooted trauma or helping establish lifestyle changes.

Are you experiencing difficulties in sleeping or perhaps suffer from a chronic disorder? Is this affecting your professional and personal life? Our minds, seemingly rational, are in fact often heavily influenced by our subconscious, which affects not only our daily functions but also our decision-making process from the smallest things to the life goals we set for ourselves. When we suppress deep-rooted traumas, they will likely arise as blockages, pains, inabilities to function in a balanced way, and impede our growth.

Neuroenergetic kinesiology seeks to unleash any negative beliefs or processes that our body, mind and spirit may be retaining. Making peace with old experiences that no longer serve us means they no longer resurface in physical or mental manifestations. This clearing of the source of obstacles supports clearer thinking and more efficient operations in all aspects of our lives

Helpful Habit: Find support to reduce stress and realign with your goals

Sandra Cohen’s discovery of Neuroenergetic kinesiology as an in-depth stress management tool changed her life. Not only did she manage to free herself from a chronic condition, she also found her calling, her life mission.

Today, she shares kinesiology’s benefits with clients and offers training in the wonders of this unique discipline.

Book a one-on-one session with Sandra today by clicking here to better understand how a unique blend of kinesiology and executive coaching can help you reach your lifelong personal and professional goals.

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